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-50% Dolce & GabbanaHat With Applications
Dolce & Gabbana  ·  Hat With Applications
AUD $1,107.53 AUD $2,215.07
Delivery: free From Tessabit
Eugenia KimNatalia Headband in Yellow
Eugenia Kim  ·  Natalia Headband in Yellow
AUD $153.12
Delivery: free From Revolve Clothing
-40% Eugenia KimChiara Headband in Navy
Eugenia Kim  ·  Chiara Headband in Navy
AUD $67.91 AUD $113.18
Delivery: free From Revolve Clothing
Eugenia KimChiara Headband in Cream
Eugenia Kim  ·  Chiara Headband in Cream
AUD $113.18
Delivery: free From Revolve Clothing
-55% Eugenia KimGigi Scarf in Burgundy
Eugenia Kim  ·  Gigi Scarf in Burgundy
AUD $111.85 AUD $246.33
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-30% Eugenia KimNatalia Turban in Rust
Eugenia Kim  ·  Natalia Turban in Rust
AUD $107.85 AUD $153.12
Delivery: free From Revolve Clothing


Sweatbands are essential items for working out in. Helping you to stay comfortable and thus perform at your best, Sweatbands keep your hair out of your eyes as you run or workout. The trendy Sweatbands in this Stylight range will help you to stay amazingly stylish as you exercise. These accessories come in an inspiring selection of different colors, materials, and patterns. Both professional athletes and professional fashionistas will be sure to be delighted by this varied and exciting range.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Sweatband

A sweatband is a practical accessory perfect for strenuous activity and colder weather, but they don’t have the chicest reputation. Looking cool in a sweatband is not out of your reach, however. Just follow these rules of thumb and you’ll look anything but bad.

Do: Sport a Sweatband In Cold Weather

Don’t let a biting chill keep you from going out. A sweatband’s snug over-the-ear fit locks in warmth where you need it most. Whether you’re going for a snowy run or heading to work, a sweatband keeps your ears toasty without adding bulk or messing up your hairstyle. Tuck a pair of earbuds underneath for a jogging soundtrack that won’t budge. For extra warmth, layer your sweatband under a hat.

Don’t: Neglect Sweatband Care

We understand that you’re attached to your sweatband as a workout accessory, but for your health’s sake, throw it in the wash after you wear it. Wrapping your head in a band that’s full of your sweat and skin cells contributes to clogged pores and breakouts, and can result in unpleasant odor. Skip the zits and wash your sweatband regularly.

Do: Slick Back

A sweatband can work fabulously beyond your workout when you choose a simple black band and place it at your forehead in front of a sleek ponytail. This minimalist accessory looks striking and sporty without being too literal about it. Complete the look with winged black eyeliner and nude lips, and keep your outfit stark and minimal with a collarless white button-down and black carrot pants.

Don’t: Over-Coordinate

Avoid looking like a high school track star by making sure that your sweatband goes with, but doesn’t exactly match, the rest of your apparel. It’s safe to stick to neutrals like black and grey, but if you go colorful, stay within the color family rather than attempting to replicate it. A pink sweatband and orange socks is a warm and tropical pairing, but a white-and-green stripe band with white-and-green tube socks is just too much.

They’re not just for athletes. Embrace the surprisingly versatile appeal of a sweatband in your daily life.

Add a sweatband to your everyday repertoire—but beware of dont’s.

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Jacquard Headband (Blue Twilight Diamond) Headband
HB-1 (Womens) - Mocha
Organic Headband (Pineneedle) Headband
Organic Headband (Black) Headband
Fawn Headband (Black) Headband
knot headband
Nike Fury Headband (Black/White) Headband
Zebra Fabric Headband (Black/White) Headband
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